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Colour balanced green laser filter technology (Brinell 532nm CN-Green technology)


Color Balanced Green (532nm) laser protection filters

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Greenlight Laser therapy is an innovative, non-invasive procedure which is revolutionising medical procedures in areas like treatment of enlarged prostate and removing tumours in cancer treatment.

The wavelength of 532nm (green) is highly absorbed in the red colour of the haemoglobin and the brown colour of the melanin. This guarantees for safe and successful coagulation and Vaporisation. High-power green KTP lasers provide a way to cut away the tumour, cauterize the area and radiate tissue in a single procedure. It is currently being used in prostate cancer patients, but research suggests that it might prove valuable in the treatment of other cancers as well. A high powered 532nm laser can also be used to destroy surplus prostate tissue which is blocking the bladder in the case of enlarged prostrate.

The laser vaporises excess tissue using safe and precise energy pulses. There is very little bleeding, reduced risks of complications and patients can return home within 24 hours.

Laser protection filters used for infrared medical laser applications such as Nd:YAg and Holmium are relatively straight forward to design as the working wavelengths are outside of the visible area. Good quality products laser protection goggles and filters provide high levels of visibility (VLT) without affecting the colour balance.
Laser Protection eyewear and filters used for 532nm Green Laser is however a much more difficult issue as the laser is operating in the centre of the visible spectrum. Brinell Vision has developed a class leading technology which allows the user to see a completely balanced colour view while totally blocking the laser at 532nm (to levels as high as OD7). Brinell vision CN-Green technology is being used by some of the Worlds top laser optics companies.

Filters for Greenlight Laser (Brinell CN-Green Technology) 

Brinell Vision use an advanced plasma beam sputtering process to create a seamless optical interference coating. The process is tuned to give optimised blocking at 532nm while transmitting a completely colour balanced spectrum in the visible bandwidth.

The materials deposited are completely inert, chemically and optically stable in the harshest environmental conditions.  

-optically stable/low thermal shift in CWL
-low absorption
-no ‘Burn out’
-operation at high temperature
-custom designed and manufactured by Brinell Vision Limited 
-OD from 3 up to 6+

Brinell CN-Green (532nm) protection filter has been carefully colour corrected to give a critical neutral transmision.

Colour optimisation for neutral transmission

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