Thursday, 14 January 2016

ST Laserstrike, Advanced Laser Strike Protection Eyewear for Pilots

Sierra Tango LLC has joined together with Brinell Vision Limited to launch ST Laserstrike eyewear.

Until now, if a pilot wanted to fly with protection from laser strikes, the only option was to wear amber colored view protection; usually in the form of goggles.  While providing the necessary protection from green lasers, it forces the pilot to view the instrument panel through an amber filter making it impossible to distinguish between critical colours within the cockpit. 

ST Laserstrike is the worlds finest laserstrike eye-wear protection  for pilots, designed to equip the user with complete coverage from blue, green & infrared malicious laser strikes while maintaining a clear colour balanced view.

ST Laserstrike glasses incorporate Brinell Vision’s advanced CNG filter technology which is produced at Brinell Vision’s state of the art thin film coating facilities in Dundee, Scotland.  The CNG laser protection filter is made up of more than 100 ultra-thin layers deposited to nanometre accuracy on customised curved polycarbonate lenses using the latest advanced lens moulding and nano thin-film deposition coating techniques. We offer three levels of protection from general low power laser strikes to military class laser protection.

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ST LaserStrike

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